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02 Jul, 2018


It may seem obvious but before deciding which is the best balance bike to choose it helps if you get the tape measure out. Your child's inside leg measurement will be the most important piece of information we have, which we will use to match with the height of the saddle on the balance bike, ensuring your child is comfortable on the bike and gets the most use from it.
The aim is to choose a bike where your child is able to rest their feet flat on the ground, with the saddle on it's lowest setting. You need not worry about them outgrowing the bike as PUKY bikes have long extendable seat posts, so that the saddle can be raised as the rider grows. The balance bike will be too big if the seat is at it's lowest setting and you find that your child is barely able to touch the ground or they have to lean to one side to do so. Do not make the common mistake of choosing based only on your child's height or age as if you were buying clothes so that they last longer. The balance bike must be "the right size, at the right time" so that it fulfils it's natural function. If it is too big your child will not feel comfortable as they will neither be able to sit comfortably on it or propel themselves around using their feet. PUKY balance bike seats can be extended by approximately 10cm meaning that (dependent on age) your child will be able to get a couple of years use from it and certainly enough use so that they will be able to get their sense of balance and be ready to move up to a pedal bike.
Measuring your child's inside legPUKY Balance Bike Size Guide
It's very easy to do but take your time to ensure it's done accurately. Try to make sure that your child is wearing the kind of shoes they would normally ride a bike in and ask them to stand against a wall. Place a book between their legs as high as is comfortable, ask them to move away, and then measure from the top of the book down to the floor. Once you have done this use our PUKY size guide and the table below to find the right size balance bike for your child. The guide tells you the minimum inside leg measurement for every bike as well as the height of the saddle at it's lowest and highest positions. At the minimum seat height you child should be able to have their feet on the ground ensuring safety and comfort.
Model Inside Leg Saddle Height Child Height
LR M 30cm - 43cm 30cm - 39cm 85cm - 110cm
LR M Plus
30cm - 43cm 30cm - 39cm 85cm - 110cm
LR M Classic 30cm - 43cm 30cm - 39cm 85cm - 110cm
LR 1 EVA 34cm - 47cm 34cm - 43cm 90cm - 115cm
LR 1L 34cm - 47cm 34cm - 43cm 90cm - 115cm
LR 1L Br 34cm - 47cm 34cm - 43cm 90cm - 115cm
LR Splash 39cm - 52cm 39cm - 48cm 95cm - 125cm
LR Light 35cm - 48cm 39cm - 48cm 90cm - 115cm

40cm - 53cm

(39cm - 52cm Classic)

40cm - 49cm

(39cm - 48cm Classic)

95cm - 130cm
Remember, if in doubt or you have any questions please feel free to email or call us :-)
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