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02 Jul, 2018


When you first receive your brand new PUKY balance bike and fitted it together using the supplied instructions there’s just a few safety checks to perform before letting your kids run wild.

  • If you put together the bike and notice any parts that are deformed or damaged please get in touch and we’ll dispatch a replacement at no cost. The safety of your children is paramount.
  • Make sure the saddle is secure and doesn’t rotate unecessarily.
  • Ensure the handlebars are secured and don’t spin as this could cause an accident when turning.

Regular Checks

Some parts of your PUKY balance bike are susceptible to wear through normal everyday use. Its advised that you regularly check the following for any signs of wear and get replacements as soon as possible. These include:

  • Tyres (including inner tubes)
  • Handlebar grips
  • Brake levers and calipers.


In order to prolong the life of your PUKY balance bike its important to avoid storing it in excessively cold or damp conditions as this could cause the bike to rust. Also try to avoid riding the bike through grit-salt in winter.


Your PUKY doesn’t need powerful detergents to stay clean so just some warm water and a little soap. Do not use bleach or anything abrasive as these will damage the paint work on the bike.


As with car and bike tyres there is a risk of local discolouring or staining of the rubber when the bike is rested on its wheels for prolonged periods in the same position. The bike tyres must not be treated with anything oil based as this will degrade the rubber and cause splitting.
It’s important the valve caps are kept tightly closed so children don’t remove them or play with them. As they are a potential choking hazard. For the ultra-safety conscious A tiny drop of superglue on the valve thread will keep it in position without locking it in place permanently. Be sure to check the tyre pressure at regular intervals to ensure even wear throughout the life of the tyre. Having said this PUKY’s engineering is such that the tyre will often last the life of the bike (years).

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