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PUKY provide spare parts to easily keep your ride-on in tip-top shape over the years making a PUKY vehicle one that can be kept for generations. At PUKYonline we are able to provide PUKY spare parts for both current and older models. Please note that we do not hold stock of spare parts ourselves. We will only order your spare parts from PUKY once an order is placed with us. We are, therefore, unable to guarantee delivery times on your spare parts order. Your order should usually take no longer than approx. 7-10 working days although this can sometimes vary. We only deliver in the UK (for delivery to other EU countries please visit Please also note that as spare parts are ordered to your specification they are non refundable once ordered and excluded from our standard returns policy.

Our spare parts ordering system is currently being upgraded. To order PUKY spare parts in the meantime please follow this link

In order to provide you with the right parts be sure to select the correct type of vehicle above. Then, to find the correct model for your vehicle, there should be a sticker or badge like the one pictured here. This identifies the model number, colour and year of manufacture, and you will require this information so that you can find the correct part in the part catalogue PDFs.

PUKY Model LabelNote: The year of construction is not necessarily the year of purchase. This is why you should check the year of construction on the type plate.

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