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Cool bikes for 2020

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PUKY LRM Learner Balance Bike - Football Blue
Europe's favourite kids balance bike. Features: Frame with low step through and platform Crash pad Special learner bike saddle Ball bearing wheels and steering Safety handlebar grips High quality foam tyres Height adjustable saddle and handlebars Impact resistant powder coating Age 2+Instep Length 30cm - 43cmHeight from 85cm - 110cmSaddle Height 30cm - 39cmHandlebar...
PUKY LR XL Classic Learner Balance Bike - Retro Green
Features:   Frame with low step through and platform Crash pad Special learner bike saddle Ball bearing spoked wheels and steering Aluminium rims Safety handlebar grips Pneumatic spoked wheels Height adjustable saddle and handlebars Woven basket made from robust plastic Bell Stand Impact resistant powder coating   Age 3+  Instep Length 39cm -...
PUKY LR Splash Learner Balance Bike - Yellow
Features: Aluminium frame Aluminium fork Rear wheel suspension Headset steering set/superstructure Aluminium hubs Crash pad Saddle with carrying handle Height adjustable saddle and handlebars Safety handlebar grips Pneumatic tyres with spoke wheels Impact resistant powder coating. Age 3+ Instep Length 39cm - 52cmHeight from 95cm - 125cmSaddle Height 39cm -...
PUKY SpeedsUs ONE Scooter - Blue
With it's perfectly harmonised geometry, super quiet wheels, long aluminium running board and large steering area the Puky SpeedUS scooter makes riding easy for both children and adults. Features Front wheel diameter XL wheel 23 cm Rear wheel diameter 20 cm Extra large aluminium profile running board Fully integrated side...
PUKY Z 8 Bike - Red
Basic Features:Square axle driveBall bearing wheels, steering and pedalsAdjustable brake lever to suit children's handsLow step throughBackpedal hub brakeCaliper brakeAluminium rimsStand. PUKY safety set:Crash PadBellSafety handlebar gripsFront and rear reflectorsPlastic edge protection on front mudguardImpact resistant powder coatingZ 8 Features:Saddle Position 53cm - 62mWeight 10.4kgAge 5+Instep Length 49cm - 58cmSize from 115cm - 130cm
PUKY R 03 Scooter - Maus
Designed for slightly older children, this is a traditional scooter benefiting from puncture proof foam tyres.   Features Ball bearing wheels & steering  Crash pad Safety handle bar grips High quality foam tyres Non slip platform & stand Adjustable handle bar height Bell Kick-down foot brake Impact resistant powder coating...
PUKY STEEL 12 Bike - Lovely Pink
Basic Features: Ball bearing wheels, steering and pedals V-Brake (front) with adjustable brake lever to suit children's hands Low step through Backpedal hub brake Aluminium rims Stand Steel frame Luggage carrier PUKY safety set: Crash Pad Bell Safety handlebar grips Front and rear reflectors Plastic edge protection on front mudguard...
PUKY ceety CAT S6 Tricycle Red
The tricycle has been reinvented to offer more freedom and choice. The PUKY ceety CAT S6 trike buggy is a totally new concept. It is the first tricycle to combine two vehicles in one, offering parents and children total mobility every day. This agile trike is just as suitable for...
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