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Quality. PUKY has represented competence and commitment in child-oriented vehicle construction and a unique quality standard in design, construction and production for over 60 years. Safety. PUKY is a pioneer in safety. Each vehicle offers the highest independently tested quality standards. Innovation. PUKY is always at the forefront of developing new trends and setting new standards. Child mobility. Through 60 years of experience PUKY understands better than anybody the development of child-oriented vehicles and is rightly proud of it's contribution towards setting new standards in safe child mobility. Design. PUKY vehicles have been designed and developed with children in mind up to the smallest detail. It's little wonder they win so many awards. Long life. Thanks to the quality components used in all PUKY products, you can rest assured that every vehicle will grow with your children and have a long useful life. Resale value. Due to their high quality and long availability of replacement parts, PUKY vehicles keep their value and are very sought after used vehicles making them a great investment. Brand. PUKY is a brand which has been bought with conviction and trusted for generations all accross Europe.

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