A quick guide to PUKY balance bike sizes

Made in Germany, PUKY balance bikes are unique due to their low step through frame and foot rest platform. A PUKY balance bike also features height adjustable saddles and handlebars, which as a safety feature do not have a steering lock (meaning they will lie flat and not stick up in case of a fall) and have over sized grip ends. The larger models also have a brake.
PUKY balance bikes are available in 4 sizes.
PUKY LRM Yellow 4054 Learner Balance Bike 1
  • The smallest is the LR M on which the seat can be adjusted from 30cm to 40cm.

PUKY LR1LBr Yellow 4034 Learner Balance Bike 1

  • The next size up includes the LR1 EVALR 1L and the LR 1L Br on which the saddle can be adjusted from 35cm to 45cm. These 3 models are all the same size but have slightly different features. The LR1 EVA comes with puncture proof EVA foam tyres. The LR 1L and LR 1L Br both feature pneumatic tyres, with the LR 1L Br also benefiting from a brake.

PUKY LR Ride Balance Bike 4081

  • The PUKY LR Ride is an ultra low weight aluminium balance bike suitable for children 3+ with an instep 39cm+

I LRXL Kiwi seite

  • The LR XL is the biggest PUKY balance bike on which the seat height ranges from 41cm to 51cm.

The new PUKY Go Cart fleet

Feshly tuned

These new designs and and colours give the 2015 PUKY Go Cart lineup really dynamic and sporty looks guaranteeing pole position every time.

The new PUKY F1L Go Cart £344.49 with free next day delivery. Available to buy here.

Age 6+
Size from 115cm
Weight 21.8kg
Maximum Load 60kg

PUKY F1L Go Cart 3840 


PUKY F 550L Go Cart NEW! With low-profile tyres £269.49 available here.

Age 4+
Size from 105cm
Weight 16.1kg
Maximum Load 50kg

PUKY F550L Go Cart 3640


PUKY F 550 Go Cart £209.49 Buy here.

Age 4+
Size from 105cm
Weight 16.1kg
Maximum Load 50kg

PUKY F550 Go Cart 3530


PUKY F 20 Go Cart Available here for just 164.49 with free delivery.

Age 3+
Height from 95cm
Weight 10.5kg
Maximum Load 30kg


PUKY F20 Go Cart 3323


A great new design for the yellow PUKY LRM and LR 1L BR

Watch out TIGER!

PUKY LRM Yellow 4054 Learner Balance Bike 1

Riding fun for little wild things! With the new tiger look, you can now go on a voyage of discovery through the petting zoo or the park. Two new PUKY balance bike models have been updated with this new look for 2015, the yellow PUKY LRM and the yellow PUKY LR 1L BR.

PUKY LR1LBr Yellow 4034 Learner Balance Bike 1


The PUKY LRM learner balance bike is available at £59.49 with free next day delivery. 

Age 2+
Instep Length 30cm
Height from 85cm
Saddle Height 29cm - 40cm
Handlebar Height 41cm - 50cm
Weight 3.54kg


Starting at £84.49 the PUKY LR 1L BR balance bike comes with a brake as standard. It is for larger children from 3 years of age, with an inside leg measurement from 35cm. 

Age 3+
Instep Length 35cm
Height from 90cm
Saddle Height 34cm - 45cm
Handlebar Height 49cm - 57cm
Weight 5.2kg



puky lr ride



This new PUKY balance bike not only appeals to cool boys and girls, but given it's sporty design and modern technology, also their lifestyle and sports-loving parents. The LR Ride guarantees maximum riding fun as well as super cool looks. Extra-light German engineered aluminium components together with rear wheel suspension give the PUKY LR Ride unique and class unmatched riding characteristics, ensuring a smooth ride even over the roughest terrain.

Precise technology, unique design

This new PUKY learner bike is great fun! Its ultra low weight (only 3900g) makes it easy to handle and also carry, just in case little riders need to take a short brake from the action. The high quality "Big Apple" tyres and the sporty V-brake ensure optimum rolling and safe breaking characteristics. In addition, further technical details such as the maintenance-free sliding bearing-supported rear swing arm or the brake cable neatly inserted into the frame make the new PUKY LR Ride a unique addition to the world of young cycling fun.

Age 3+
Instep Length 39cm
Height from 90cm
Weight 3.9kg


Single-joint rear wheel suspension to protect the spine, with high-quality elastomer damping element.

PUKY LR Ride Balance Bike 4081


Big Apple tyres

PUKY LR Ride Big Apple Tyres 750

Aheadset handlebar stem

PUKY LR Ride Aheadset handlebar stem 750

Brake cable in frame interior

PUKY LR Ride Brake cable in frame interior 750

Balance bike saddle with carrying handle

PUKY LR Ride Learner-bie saddle with carrying handle 750


August Competition Winner

Big congratulations to Oscar who was the lucky winner of our August competition. Thanks to his mummy @emma3payne he is now the proud owner of a shiny new PUKY LR M balance bike

Don't worry if you didn't win this time, we will be having another great competition soon but can't think what to giveaway! What would you like to win?

In the meantime here's some pics of Oscar enjoying his new wheels.

Oscar on his new PUKY balance bike that mummy won with . Going for a proper test ride…

aug comp 2014 1 500

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